This creative duo architected a path to designing  a life together!
  Architecture, designing and interiors is an art that mushrooms on the argument! 
 And one can only creatively brainstorm with someone they trust; what better sparring partner than a spouse?
When architects marry other architects,
            it's no longer just a job; "It is a partnership"             
 Their partnership has given rise to some of the most iconic marvels!

                                             Ashish Batra and Kavita A Batra                                          
 (Principle Designers & Founding partners)
Ashish Batra, the visionary architect and illustrious graduate of DCRUST in Haryana, class of 2009. A true connoisseur, Ashish is fueled by an unyielding passion for commercial interior spaces, constantly striving to craft buildings that seamlessly harmonize with their surroundings while celebrating the rich tapestry of cultural influences. After honing his expertise at the prestigious Arvind Vivek and Associates in Delhi NCR, he boldly set forth to establish his own cutting-edge design practice in the heart of Gurgaon, specializing in interior design for both residential and commercial spaces.
With over a decade of diverse experience in architecture and interior design, Ashish has mastered the art of project leadership, architectural detailing, and delivering turnkey design solutions that leave an indelible mark on each project he undertakes. His architectural concepts and designs are a true reflection of his character, exuding innovation and foresight. Beyond architecture, Ashish finds solace in creating music, sketching, and indulging in various forms of art, adding an element of soulfulness to his designs that elevates them into artistic masterpieces.
Joining forces with Ashish is Kavita A Batra, (again, an outstanding graduate of DCRUST) whose journey in architecture began at SAKA Architects before she graced the ranks of ARCOP PVT LTD. With five years of invaluable experience, Kavita is a dynamic force in the world of top interior design, specializing in creating bespoke home interior designs and commercial interior spaces that resonate with the clients' vision and needs.
Kavita's projects are meticulously sculpted to perfection, where client requirements, cost efficiencies, and value creation seamlessly converge. Guided by long-term goals, she embodies the essence of creating lasting changes in the interior design landscape and nurtures young architects and dreamers to explore uncharted territories and think beyond the conventional, infusing fresh perspectives into each project she undertakes. In her downtime, Kavita engages in doodling, humming, and culinary endeavors, infusing her work with a touch of artistic flair that sets her apart in the top interior design industry.
Together, as Principal Designers and Founding Partners, Ashish, and Kavita Batra present an extraordinary amalgamation of expertise, creativity, and analytical acumen, redefining the very essence of architectural and top interior design possibilities. Our partnership blends artistic flair with logical judgment, resulting in inspiring spaces that resonate deeply with our occupants, whether it's an aesthetically pleasing home interior or functional & productive commercial spaces.
Founded by the dynamic duo, Ar. Ashish Batra & Kavita A Batra, Uniifyy is the epitome of visionary architectural prowess and commercial interior spaces excellence, embodying the essence of perfect unity among nature, clients, teams, and all stakeholders. With a profound belief in the guiding principles of harmony, simplicity, usefulness, and elegance, Uniifyy artfully connects people to nature, transforming spaces from the minute to the majestic, while cultivating sustainability and balance in every architectural and top interior design project we undertake.
Our Uniifyy-ed Team
Kaleem Khan, Assistant Architect
Mohd. Salman, Assistant Architect
Mohd. Sadique ,Assistant Architect
Anwar Hussain, Assistant Architect
Gunjan, Senior Architect
Noor Mohammad, Junior Draughtsman
Faizan Ali, Junior Architect

Kanika Joshi,  Junior Architect

Anamika, Architect Intern 
Mehak, Mid level Architect
Shalini -Business & Financial Admin
Aditi- HR and Studio representative

Gaurav - 3d Visualizer 

 - 3d Visualizer 
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