“Home is where the art is." This statement holds true for the client with German roots, whose deep appreciation for Piet Mondrian paintings and global art led to the creation of a remarkable duplex apartment in Central Park, Gurugram. Executed by Uniifyy the best interior designer In Gurgaon, the design of this space is a testament to the designers expertise in merging art and antiquity seamlessly with best interior designer In Gurgaon. The founders and principal architects, Ashish Batra and Kavita Batra, learned of the client's unique interests and transformed the entire home into a magnificent piece of art, centred around Piet Mondrian's iconic works.
The duplex home embodies solid forms and geometries, echoing Piet Mondrian's belief that everything possesses an underlying mathematical structure. The spatial design draws inspiration from Mondrian's artwork and offers a captivating experience that engages the senses. The interiors, reminiscent of the artist's paintings, exude pure abstraction with flat planes of vibrant blues and oranges, complemented by strong horizontal and vertical lines by the best interior designer In Gurgaon. 
The spaces are meticulously crafted by the best interior designer In Gurgaon to foster creative thinking and abundance of natural light, breathing life into the environment while catering to everyday functionality.
Spanning two levels, the lower level houses the living room, office, and guest bedroom, forming a public zone. In contrast, the second floor provides a more private realm with spaces such as a music area, personal lounge, master bedroom, and kitchen. The ingenious layout ensures that most spaces on both levels seamlessly connect with the outdoors through pocket gardens, inviting residents to step outside and immerse themselves in nature. The expansive terrace on the upper level further enhances this outdoor experience, furnished with comfortable seating arrangements for conversations, relaxation, and unwinding. Even the service areas, such as storage and pantry, as well as the bath spaces and powder rooms, embrace the artistic theme while offering ample space within this 4200 sq. ft. home by the best interior designer In Gurgaon.
Upon entering the  best interior designer In Gurgaon, the living room sets the tone for the entire apartment. It is curated as a mini-museum, showcasing contemporary art, antiques, and curiosities. Every element, from artwork to furnishings and lighting fixtures, bursts with vibrant colours and captivates with its intriguing presence. Despite the abundance of artistic elements, the overall design prioritises functionality, intricacy, and a sense of harmony while embracing minimalism. The aesthetics and materials pay homage to Dutch modernism, creating a collage of expansive open spaces held together by the art pieces. This theme is further evident in the bedrooms, where minimalistic design allows for serene views of the city, complemented by artistic touches reflected in varied hues and patterns of fabrics. However, a striking contrast in colour and material palettes differentiates the lower-level guest bedroom, which radiates bright colours and artistic patterns with wooden flooring, from the upper-level master bedroom, characterised by subdued shades, simple patterns, and elegant marble flooring.
The best interior designer In Gurgaon is an outcome of eloquent aesthetics meeting minimal intervention and a conscious effort to reduce the use of materials with a larger carbon footprint. Throughout the entire home, only a select few materials were employed, including low-VOC paints, birch plywood, and sustainably sourced marble. This deliberate choice minimises the environmental impact while maintaining luxury and aesthetics.
In conclusion, this duplex apartment in Central Park, Gurugram, is a masterpiece that beautifully blends art, architecture, and sustainability. It stands as a testament to the client's love for Piet Mondrian's works and the expertise of Uniifyy's the best interior designer In Gurgaon, Ashish Batra and Kavita Batra. The design seamlessly weaves Mondrian's mathematical abstraction into every facet of the home, from the vibrant interiors to the ingenious spatial layout that fosters creativity and connects residents with nature. Moreover, the conscious choice of sustainable materials underscores the commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising luxury and aesthetics. This home is not merely a living space; it is a gallery of inspiration, a heaven of artistry, and a model of harmonious living.
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