Area | 5900 sqft / 6500sqft
Project Cost | 6.5 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year | 2024
Location | Goa
Aditrum office space here is a paradigm of contemporary workplace design, where form meets function to create a truly inviting and efficient environment. The space evokes a sense of openness and airiness with a neutral colour palette and abundant natural light. 
The reception area serves as a welcoming gateway, featuring tastefully selected furnishings and a white colour palette that exudes sophistication and a sense of calm. Ample natural light floods in through large windows creating a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere. Greenery is thoughtfully integrated through potted plants and indoor gardens, infusing the area with vitality and promoting a connection with nature. The workstations are adorned with olive green partitions while ergonomic furniture acts as a cornerstone in the design, ensuring the comfort and well-being of employees.
The office epitomises modern workplace design and creates an environment where productivity, comfort, and a sense of vitality converge, making it a truly exceptional and inspiring place to work.
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