Area |  400 sq. yds / 13,500 sqft
Project Cost | 28 Cr
Scope | Interior
Year | 2024
Location | Greater Kailash-1, Delhi
This home invites you to immerse yourself in a realm of modern sophistication within its contemporary interiors. Adorned with a discerning minimalist theme, it epitomizes refined elegance, creating an ambiance that speaks of timeless style. The interiors showcase a dining area that beckons bespoke furniture, fusing form and function, flaunting clean lines and subtle elegance. Artistic statement fixtures illuminate the space with a subtle yet captivating glow, creating a refined and inviting ambiance. Warm lighting casts a gentle aura, enhancing the overall dining experience. A glass partition masterfully defines and divides the space without compromising the sense of openness.
As one navigates further, the bedroom redefines the essence of contemporary bliss where sumptuous comfort takes center stage. A lavish bed and sofas, adorned in a neutral palette, exude tranquility. Natural light floods the room, creating bright, airy, effortlessly inviting spaces.
Specific decor items strategically placed enhance the aesthetic appeal, adding touches of personality and style. Greenery punctuates the design, bringing a refreshing outdoor element indoors. The result is a blend of functionality, contemporary design, and curated simplicity, a dwelling where each aspect contributes to an overall narrative of modern luxury and understated elegance.
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