Area | 0.5 Acre / 12,000 sqft
Project Cost | 12.5 Cr
Scope | Architecture
Year | 
Location | Raipur
By incorporating symmetrical forms, intricate architectural details, and thoughtfully selected accessories, we crafted a home of timeless elegance with a modern touch. This project served as a splendid showcase of opulence and architectural grandeur. The facade, characterized by a play of proportions and a clear sense of hierarchy, epitomized the grandeur of the design.
The facade stands out with its impressive and well-balanced proportions, commanding attention. A sense of order comes from the thoughtfully arranged architectural elements, including a prominent entrance and gracefully cascading designed levels. Large, strategically placed windows not only bring in natural light but also serve as dynamic visual elements, offering glimpses into the luxurious interiors. These play of light through the wide windows, adding an element of depth and intrigue to the overall skin.
The exterior of the home is adorned with beautiful tile cladding, giving it a luxurious and enduring feel. Thoughtfully positioned lighting fixtures highlight the architectural details, creating a captivating sight in the night sky and adding to its regal charm.
More than just a lavish urban oasis, this remarkable home seamlessly meets contemporary needs while embracing its opulent architecture. It stands as a symbol of luxury and magnificence, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and sleek design. The aesthetic skillfully layers modernistic elements with monochromatic tones, creating a style enriched by meaningful moments in tune with the essence of family life.
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