Area | 650 sq. yds / 15000 sqft
Project Cost | 20 Cr
Scope |  Architecture + Interior
Year | 
Location | Panipat
This exquisite residence exudes an opulent aura through a tasteful infusion of contemporary aesthetics. To begin with, the facade is a testament to modern sophistication, characterized by sleek, modern lines and expansive windows that not only maximize natural light but also add a touch of grandeur to the exterior. These large windows create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the spaciousness of the home. The facade evokes a sense of symmetry while lush greenery brings life to the design.
Upon entering, a sense of grandeur unfolds, courtesy of the lavish application of marble throughout the interiors. This opulent material adorns the walls in a gracefully curvilinear shape, serving as a captivating focal point and evoking a sense of timelessness. The luxurious marble surfaces harmonize with the plush, grey sofas, inviting both comfort and a contemporary aesthetic. Together, they weave a narrative of modern allure, creating an atmosphere where luxury meets creativity.
Gold accents, in the form of statement fixtures, stand out within the living spaces. They impart a touch of extravagance and draw the eye, instantly towards them! However, the central design element of this residence is the spiral staircase, which serves as an appealing and functional feature. Its elegant curves and sleek design contribute to the overall aesthetic of the home, creating a sense of architectural artistry.
In a nutshell, this home is a space where modern architecture meets sumptuous design, capturing the essence of luxurious living.
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