Area | 500 sq. yds / 9000 sqft
Project Cost | 5 Cr
Scope | Architecture 
Year | 2021
Location | Gurgaon
This modern yet contemporary space is characterized by defining features, textures and attention to each detail.  The overall colour palette of the house is very neutral, which brings out the sophisticated furniture and other details. The furniture is a blend of luxury, classic and simple, with a tinge of golden subtly distributed across the space to add that timelessness and sophistication to the house. This modern space boasts clean lines, expansive windows, and undeniably sleekness. Plus, the huge windows and open-concept layout allows one to showcase the house's interiors to the world outside, from omitting a warm glow at night to offering a glimpse into your design scheme by day. The geometric rooflines, marble flooring frame the contemporary living spaces. This is the true definition of everything modern yet luxurious.
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