Area | 7000 sqft / 11000 sqft
Project Cost | 15 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year | Ongoing
Location | Dehradun
This project defines the essence of the home using a smooth, minimalist style that runs through every corner. The architecture centers on clean lines, spacious areas, and a flawless mix of style and usefulness, creating a feeling of lightness in the space.
The living room and family area radiate subtle charm with a neutral color palette, allowing natural light to take center stage and craft an inviting atmosphere. Carefully curated furnishings in these spaces strike a harmonious balance between comfort and style, promoting relaxation and togetherness. As you ascend the staircase, the verticality of the space unfolds, complemented by bold artwork and distinctive fixtures that leave a lasting impression.
Moving into the bedrooms, tranquil retreats designed for rest and rejuvenation await. Each room boasts a selective color palette and thoughtfully chosen furnishings, creating an unpretentious yet refined ambiance. Ample storage solutions ensure a clutter-free environment. The dining area, serving as a central hub for gatherings, combines form with functionality. A minimalist dining table and chairs against a neutral backdrop provide the perfect setting for memorable meals, embracing the philosophy of 'less is more.'
The result is a modern oasis that champions simplicity, aesthetic finesse, and a functional layout, defining a sophisticated urban retreat in the city of Dehradun.
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