Area | 0.91 Acre / 18000 sqft
Project Cost | 37 Cr
Scope | Architecture and Interiors 
Year | Ongoing
Location | Sultanpur Delhi
This farmhouse in Delhi where simplicity reigns supreme. This farmhouse exemplifies sleek design, free from unnecessary embellishments, creating an irresistibly captivating living space. The lavish exteriors, adorned with a seamless mix of cladding, tiles, and metals, symbolize the perfect mix of urban chic and rustic charm.
The facade tells a story of materials coming together in a symphony of textures. Textured stone cladding reinstates natural beauty, harmonizing with the sleek, reflective allure of metals. This fusion creates an exterior that not only captures the eye but also intrigues with its architectural playfulness. Wood, thoughtfully integrated, contributes a warmth that withstands the test of time, while existing trees become integral to the design, infusing a unique and timeless style. Carefully selected tiles, in conjunction with the colour palette of the farmhouse, further diversify the facade. Their strategic placement weaves patterns, adding layers of depth and visual intrigue, enhancing the distinctive character of the design.
In essence, this farmhouse is a blend of tradition and modernity, offering a luxurious and inviting home in the heart of Delhi. The congruous mix of materials forms an architectural space that encapsulates the spirit of contemporary living.
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