Area | 1650 sqft
Project Cost | 90 Lakhs
Scope | Interior
Year | 2022
Location | Delhi
Diatron office is a space with a serene and sophisticated environment, defined by a neutral colour palette that exudes an air of tranquillity and timelessness. The design incorporates various elements that contribute to an elegant and inviting workspace. 
Ample natural light streams in through the windows, enhancing the sense of openness and providing a refreshing ambience. In the evening, well-placed, soft, and warm artificial lighting creates a cosy atmosphere, ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment. Plush sofas and seating areas offer a touch of luxury and comfort for both employees and clients. The furniture's neutral tones harmonise with the overall design and provide cosy breakout spaces for relaxation and informal meetings.
Statement fixtures, carefully selected for their aesthetic appeal, serve as focal points within the office, adding a touch of personality and elegance to the space. These fixtures contribute to a visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Within individual cabins, pastel shades of pink and grey are employed to infuse a hint of colour and individuality. These hues create a warm and welcoming ambience, reflecting a balance between professionalism and personal comfort.
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