Area | 500 sq. yds / 10000 sqft
Project Cost | 12 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year | 
Location | Gurgaon
Drawing inspiration from the bygone eras, we skillfully weave retro charm into the very fabric of this contemporary project. Infused with a timeless and quintessential design ethos, our interiors artfully resurrect elements from the past, to breathe fresh and enduring appeal into modern living spaces.
In this project, every detail, from furniture to lighting, wall coverings, and decor, is carefully selected to transport you to a specific nostalgic era. Vintage-inspired colours, patterns, and materials come together to craft a distinctive and unified atmosphere, honoring the past while catering to today's present-day needs. From intricate railings to ornate wall moldings, the interiors joyously embody the essence of modern living within a nostalgic theme.
The team blended classic design elements that have proven to withstand the test of time. Handcrafted furniture, Eclectic chandeliers, and carefully selected rugs further enriched the theme, casting a stunning spark that resonated with a profound sense of grandeur.
By integrating the past with the future, we crafted an atmosphere of timelessness— to reinstate a legacy that imprints itself in memory with enduring grace.
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