Area | 45000 sqft / 10,000 sqft
Project Cost | 3 Cr
Scope | Interior & Facade
Year | 2024
Location | Gurgaon
The office is a sturdy composition of contemporary minimalism with reflecting clean lines and uncluttered simplicity. The facade of the space with ACP sheets and its striking use of vibrant colours like red and blue within the window projections provide a dynamic contrast to the overall subdued facade.
Upon entering, the interiors continue the theme of minimalism with muted tones dominating the palette, creating a calming and professional atmosphere. This is punctuated by strategically placed art pieces that add a touch of creativity and personality to the environment. Hints of red and blue in door frames offer subtle but effective accents, injecting vibrancy and energy into the space. The meeting rooms and workspaces are exceptionally spacious, providing ample room for collaboration and productivity.
One of the standout features of this office is the waffle ceiling, which not only adds a layer of architectural interest but also contributes to acoustic control and enhanced lighting distribution, making it an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing choice.
This office space is a harmonious blend of minimalism and vibrancy, offering a serene yet dynamic environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and a sense of contemporary sophistication.
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