Area | 84000 sqft / 72300 sqft
Project Cost | 90 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year |
Location | Goa
Welcome to the heart of Goa, where our urban design project effortlessly marries architectural splendor with the tranquil coastal landscape. Featuring captivating arches, exquisite cladding, and smooth corners, the design adds a contemporary touch to this coastal haven.
One of the defining features of the project is the curved and gently sloping roof that adds an artistic flair to the structures, not only enhancing their aesthetic appeal but also providing functional benefits by allowing rainwater to flow effortlessly. The abundant lush greenery envelopes the surroundings with tropical plants and vibrant gardens that enhance the ambiance and contribute to a tranquil and refreshing living environment. The row houses are thoughtfully designed to maximise natural ventilation and sunlight, creating energy-efficient, sustainable living spaces. Each residence offers a picturesque view of the verdant surroundings, fostering a sense of well-being and harmony with nature.
In summary, Goa 18 is a stunning testament to the fusion of architectural elegance and ecological sensitivity, creating an idyllic and sustainable living experience within the captivating backdrop of Goa's natural beauty.
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