Area | 40000 sqft / 14800 sqft
Project Cost | 4.44 Cr
Scope | Interior
Year | 
Location | Noida
The Golf Club exudes an atmosphere of refined elegance with a neutral colour palette that creates a sophisticated backdrop for leisure and relaxation. The careful selection of muted colours like whites, creams, and soft greys establishes a serene ambience, allowing the eye to focus on the golf course's scenic beauty.
An inviting seating area serves as a focal point, where guests can unwind in style. Plush blue sofas take centre stage, providing not only comfortable seating but also injecting a refreshing pop of colour into the otherwise understated environment creating a blend of luxury and leisure. Shades of beige in upholstery along with stones in the space add a touch of nature to the interiors. Boho statement fixtures add a touch of personality to the space. These unique pieces infuse a sense of individuality and charm contributing to the interior's character, creating a conversation-worthy aspect within the serene setting.
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