Area | 400 sq. yds / 6500 sqft
Project Cost | 7 Cr
Scope | Interior
Year | 2023
Location | Gorakhpur
Nestled in a serene neighborhood and embraced by verdant trees, this contemporary residence unfolds with a sleek modern design characterized by clean lines and understated shapes. The exterior showcases a palette of white concrete and glass, offering a striking contrast to the warm and inviting interior adorned with a combination of wood and glass elements. Welcome to a modern retreat where architectural contrasts harmonize in a symphony of style and nature.
As you step inside, the heightened ceilings instantly evoke a sense of spaciousness, setting the tone for an expansive living experience. Thoughtfully arranged furniture creates an inviting conversation area that effortlessly flows into the dining space, blending comfort with sophistication.
In the bedroom, the subdued colour palette maintains its soothing presence. Neutral tones are thoughtfully juxtaposed with discreet hints of brown and greens, introducing a touch of refinement. The integration of plush textiles and bespoke furnishings guarantees an atmosphere of opulence, all while preserving a serene and restful ambiance.
This design is an insight into how contemporary design meets opulent living, presenting a canvas of laid-back luxury through interiors adorned with rich shades and finishes.

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