Area | 1.3 Acre / 15000 sqft
Project Cost | 45 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year | 2024
Location |  Vasant Kunj Delhi
This modern dwelling boasts an avant-garde facade that flaunts a play of hierarchy and volumes. The architectural finesse is evident in the deliberate selection of cladding materials, each contributing to a visual narrative. The facade's modernity is accentuated by the clever incorporation of greenery, weaving nature into the design. Strategically placed plants soften the edges, balancing urban living and natural elements.
Further, clean lines define the exterior aesthetic, underscoring a commitment to minimalist elegance. The careful arrangement of volumes imparts a sense of dynamism, with each feature contributing to the overall visual intrigue. The landscape surrounding the residence is an extension of this design philosophy, curated to complement and enhance the modern facade.
In the evening, the facade transforms into a mesmerising spectacle, courtesy of thoughtfully placed lights. Illuminating the architectural features, these lights add a touch of drama and character, elevating the entire facade.
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