Area | 5000 sqft
Project Cost | 5 Cr
Scope | Interior
Year | 2024
Location | Raipur
Step into the enchantment of coastal living with this Mediterranean-inspired residence. Discover comfort in its idyllic design, where classic textures and easygoing elegance blend to create an enjoyable ambiance elevated by its littoral setting.
Throughout the interiors,  the furniture reflects the relaxed yet refined Mediterranean lifestyle. Plush sofas and lounges upholstered in earthy tones and natural textures like linen and wicker, provide a sense of comfort and an immediate connection to the coastal surroundings. Minimal coffee tables and consoles infuse a touch of traditional Mediterranean craftsmanship.
A soothing palette of cool and earthy tones like soft blues, sandy beiges, and sun-washed whites, transports one to the azure skies and sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast. These colours create an atmosphere of tranquillity and light-filled spaces.
In the bedroom spaces, the design maintains its Mediterranean allure with a floating bed and patterned headboards that recall the architecture of the Mediterranean villages. The decor is complemented with subtle hints of green and abstract artwork for a truly immersive experience.
Beyond a dwelling, this house embodies a lifestyle. Layers of textures in varied hues create a space, an experience. The Mediterranean vibe merges comforted grace, diverse textures, and serene colors, encapsulating coastal living with refinement and allure.
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