Area | 1000 sqft
Project Cost | 20 lakhs
Scope | Interior
Year | 2015
Location | Noida & Gurgaon
One Friday is a retail store that redefines sustainability with style. Prioritizing sustainable materials and embracing the principles of recycling and upcycling, the design exemplifies how eco-conscious practices can blend with opulence.
The interiors infuse a warm and inviting ambiance with the skillful use of warm focus lights that elevate the space. Stip lights on shelves accentuate the decor while adding to the atmosphere. Furniture made from OSB board exhibits functionality and aesthetics while complementing the overall design. From natural wood to sleek metals, from soft textiles to rugged stones, each material contributes to the overall aesthetic evoking a connection with nature. Graphic wallpapers in certain spaces curate the very sense of the store while the use of stucco paint brings a touch of cultural heritage adding depth and texture to the space.
In essence, this store is an example of commitment to sustainability by embracing the principles of upcycling and recycling.
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