Area | 12000 sqft
Project Cost | 10 Cr
Scope | Interiors
Year | Ongoing
Location | DelhiĀ 
The essence of Indianness comes to life in the design of this residence, where warm earthy colors, vibrant green succulent plants, and touches of voguish decor converge. Skillfully blending cultural richness with modern living, creates a distinctive and captivating ambiance.
The team draws inspiration from India's rich culture and traditions, infusing the residence with a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Thoughtfully utilizing plush textile furniture and lush greenery, alongside utterly striking lighting chandeliers that double as art pieces and light-emitting entities, the design incorporates warm, homely shades like brown, maroon, green, and grey. Furthermore, the integration of greenery in the interior spaces goes beyond aesthetics. Lush plants act as living artworks, enhancing air quality and contributing to the well-being of the occupants. Natural light floods the spaces, creating a sense of openness that continues around the overall design.
Infusing a profound sense of authenticity and history, traditional frames and decor elements like wallpapers, textiles, portraits of Indian figurines, and artworks such as paintings as well as pottery play a pivotal role in the design. Each element is integrated in a way to allows for a seamless fusion of the old and the new, providing a rich dive into the cultural and historical essence of the space.
In essence, the residence aims to bring the occupants one step closer to Indianness with vibrant interior spaces and decor that serve as a timeless, and culturally immersive living environment.
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