Area | 1 Acre
Project Cost | 4 Cr
Scope | Architecture
Year | 
Location | Banglore
This meticulously designed sports complex represents a space for athletes and sports enthusiasts, a testament to thoughtful planning and dedication to physical well-being. With every facet meticulously considered, this facility offers a world-class environment that caters to a diverse range of sporting activities.
The complex boasts state-of-the-art sporting infrastructure, including multi-purpose courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball, as well as well-maintained football fields. These facilities ensure that athletes of all levels can hone their skills and compete at the highest standards. Spectator areas are designed for optimal viewing, fostering a sense of community and support during competitions.
For aquatics, a modern swimming pool complex with multiple lanes and diving areas provides an ideal space for water sports and recreation. The inclusion of an indoor arena further expands the range of sports and activities that can be accommodated, from indoor volleyball and badminton to gymnastics.
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