Area | 2.5 Acre
Project Cost | 50 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Master Planning
Year | 
Location | Lucknow
Witness architectural minimalism at its finest in this project, defined by unadorned facades and strategically placed recessed windows. The intentional design speaks volumes about our dedication to simplicity and the beauty found in understated elegance.
The exteriors of these row houses are an exercise in restraint, with clean lines and muted colour palettes that create a harmonious and unobtrusive visual presence. Minimal facades serve to highlight the lush greenery that envelops the community, providing a striking contrast between the serene, verdant landscape and the modest architectural elements. The thoughtful incorporation of recessed windows adds depth and character to the row houses, allowing for an interplay of light and shadow. These windows serve as discreet portals, offering glimpses of the interiors while maintaining an overall sense of privacy and security.
This community design celebrates a perfect balance, highlighting the seamless integration of nature in an urban setting. It crafts a harmonious living environment, allowing residents to relish the serene beauty of lush greenery and the unassuming charm of minimalist architecture.
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