Area | 500 sq. yds / 9000 sqft
Project Cost | 10 Cr
Scope | Design & Execution
Year | 2020
Location | Gurgaon
Step into the realm where classical-themed interiors effortlessly enchant the space with enduring elegance! In this haven, radiant open-plan spaces and abundant natural light gracefully reign over the home. A gentle palette of colours and the infusion of natural elements establish the serene tone of this dwelling.
The living room, a focal point of grandeur, features a muted colour palette with plush seating and complementing decor. Tones of cream and brown, accented with gilded detailing, bring a sense of grace and opulence to the room. Elaborate chandeliers and classical artwork adorn the walls, further enhancing the timeless charm.
In the bedroom, minimal furniture takes centre stage, with patterned rugs and statement fixtures. A muted palette with abundant natural light fosters a regal and tranquil ambiance. In the dining area, a formal ambiance is crafted through the presence of a traditional wood dining set beneath understated ceilings. A touch of regality graces the space as a luxurious blue couch, set against a moulded panel wall, exudes opulence and grandeur.
This residence blends classic designs, sumptuous details, and a rich colour scheme, infusing the entire space with a sense of extravagance and charm.
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