Area | 400 sq. yds / 13500 sqft
Project Cost | 28 Cr
Scope | Interior
Year | 2024
Location |  Greater Kailash-1, Delhi
Step into a residential design where the facade unfolds with meticulous curation, embracing a classical theme that exudes 'The Royal' grandeur. Graceful arches adorn the exterior, offering a nod to the timeless elegance of the classical architecture. The clean lines underscore a sense of refinement, blending tradition with modernity. The strategic incorporation of glass not only lends a touch of contemporary sophistication but also invites an abundance of natural light, creating an interplay of illumination and shadow that accentuates its timeless charm.
Warm lights, carefully placed, emerge as the crowning touch, casting a gentle glow that highlights specific architectural features. Every element, from the arches to the glass, is a deliberate homage to royal living, translated into a modern context. Behold a residential design that captures the very essence of royalty and opulence. Here, the fusion of classical design and contemporary luxury coexists seamlessly, creating a living experience that is truly regal.
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