Area | 300 sq. yds / 8000 sqft
Project Cost | 9 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year | Ongoing
Location |  Dayanand Vihar, Anand Vihar
Nestled within the embrace of contemporary design, this modern residence radiates style and sophistication, unveiling interiors that redefine the concept of modern living. The living room, adorned with plush sofas, reflects a refined charm, embodying both comfort and style. Warm lighting accents the space, casting a subtle glow over the marble flooring and rich veneer finishes, creating an interplay of textures.
The canvas of graceful elegance extends from the living area to the dining spaces where olive green furnishings grace the dining table, infusing a subtle touch of opulence. A monochrome painting commands attention, becoming the focal point that captivates without overpowering. The introduction of an orange statement fixture effortlessly injects a pop of contrast, a bold stroke against the muted backdrop.
Natural light graciously floods both areas, enhancing the visual continuity and fostering an inviting atmosphere. The elements in this modern abode, from bespoke sofas to carefully selected artworks and vibrant fixtures, coalesce to create a dwelling that embraces modern aesthetics and prioritises comfort and visual allure.
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