Area | 1.42 Acre / 20,000 sqft
Project Cost | 50 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year | 
Location | Raipur
This project is an ode to architectural juxtaposition through its immersive facade design. Combining glass, wood, and stone, the house maximizes the surrounding views and welcomes natural light into the interiors. The facade, a skin made of material, lighting, and expansive windows, not only enhances the depth and character of the structure but also optimizes the connection with the external environment.
The first impression of the villa is a visual spectacle where sleek panels effortlessly mingle with the inviting warmth of wood. This material interaction is elevated by the interplay of glass and greenery, creating a composition that offers a dynamic contrast between modernity and endurance. The facade comes alive after sunset, thanks to strategically placed wall sconces that cast enchanting shadows. The large windows, integrated into the design, do more than usher in natural light—they forge a vital connection between the interior spaces and the outdoor world, making every moment a surreal experience!
This thoughtfully designed exterior harmonises aesthetics with functionality, resulting in a visually captivating and immersive living experience that integrates with its natural surroundings.
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