Terreno Villas 
Area | 21600 sqft / 13000 sqft
Project Cost | 25 Cr
Scope | Architecture and Interior
Year | 
Location | Goa
A luxuriously rich villa surrounded by nature's greens and sands, harmoniously framed volumes carved using the purest old Indian forms of patterns, textures, materials and design thinking! A solitary retreat, showcasing what dream homes should look like.
With a landmark articulation made using Red Laterite, portraying the truest essence of Indianness with self-patterns; the wall creates an everlasting impression while being your first interaction section along with ivory, metal Top Gutter, a traditional Goan design, acts as the very crown of the form. Keeping native-ness in place and making the project sustainable, most materials and products are exclusively sourced from local, regional, or domestic sources to make serious inroads toward cutting carbon emissions!
Sparse, natural stone floors, locally sourced Sadar Ali Granite, Red Laterite, White Panda, and many such luxurious materials load this 400-500 sq meter plot area having 4-bedrooms. The space provides enormous living, dining, and versatile entertainment spaces, with substantial outdoor terraces and a state-of-the-art kitchen, rustic yet luxurious bath spaces, various private lawns/ gardens and a swimming pool with a picturesque view and set out spaces overlooking your private greens – your ideal Goan home that opens out to picture-perfect moments with pigmented greenery outside.
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