Area | 0.5 Acre / 32,500 sqft
Project Cost | 22 Cr
Scope | Architecture + Interior
Year | Ongoing
Location | Karnal
We unveil our new commercial project ‘Picaso’ which stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity and aesthetic allure. Its distinctive facade stands out, capturing attention with unique design elements that redefine commercial spaces. Notably, the double-hung windows punctuate the exterior, infusing character into the structure, while an artfully designed awning crowns them, adding to the functionality and visuals of the structure. Further, a carefully curated landscape embraces the premises, featuring lush greenery that enhances the aesthetic appeal and promotes coexistence with the built environment.
Derived from ‘Picasso’ the renowned artist synonymous with innovation and creativity, the name is a nod to the project's commitment to artistic expression and visionary design. Picaso embodies the spirit of artistic flair, reflected not only in its architectural elements but also in the overall ambiance it creates.
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