Area | 1200 sq. yds / 21,500 sqft
Project Cost | 32 Cr
Scope | Architecture and Interiors 
Year | 2022
Location | Jodhpur
The living room confines a simple and modern theme with sumptuous furniture and wooden floors. The turquoise blue sofa takes center stage while adding a touch of personality and style. To add a traditional touch to modern living, the team has incorporated a painting of a camel on the wall panels along with elegant statement fixtures that contribute to the eclectic feel of the room. 
Entering the bedroom, a chic bed takes center stage against clean paneling. Leather chairs and a corner shelf craft a cozy reading nook, while the simple furniture and neutral tones create a tranquil space for relaxation. This design narrative extends into the bathrooms, incorporating functional yet stylish elements like expansive marble, fluted glass, and bright lights, ensuring a harmonious flow throughout the entire space.
In conclusion, the design focused on maximizing natural light and ventilation, blending various materials, and minimizing excessive decor. The outcome is an interior space that creates an environment conducive to the well-being of the occupants.
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